Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant, I had been working at Target for about two months. I loved my job so much and was even working towards getting promoted and learning different jobs there and eventually becoming a shift leader or manager. At about 7 weeks I started getting horrible morning sickness but it lasted all day everyday. I could barely eat anything and I was absolutely miserable! I hated it. I was home alone all day and didnt have anyone to support me and help me except obviously family over the phone. I ended up having to quit my job because I couldnt even make it out the door to get to work without throwing up all over the place, and they kept sceduling me to work in the backroom which I couldnt do because it involves heavy lifting and climbing ladders which made me nervous that I would fall and get really hurt. David had to go to training in Lousiana for a month called JRTC. I felt so alone and bored and sick and crazy for the entire time! I had my doggy, my many amazing family members for hours a day over the phone, watching movies, and baby planning to get me through it. My morning sickness finally ended at about 5 months pregnant. Thank God! It was the most miserable five months of my entire life that far. Other than the fact I lived a million miles away from friends and family, I did everything anyother pregnant woman does. I took belly pictures, I went shopping and bought cute baby stuff as soon as I knew she was a girl, I planned out how I wanted her room to look, picked a name, ate healthy food, wondered what she would look like, made a birth plan, took birthing classes, took a tour of the hospital, had a baby shower and a ton of other things.

Five months pregnant

Eight Months Pregnant ( I look bigger than I actually was)

I also made a video for my sister and posted it to facebook of me dancing to Justin Beiber. :)

My baby shower my wonderful friends from FRG put together with my momma from afar!

9 months pregnant at my baby shower.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, Amelia was positioned down and very very low, it was soo uncomfortable. A few times I couldnt feel her moving and got really freaked out, also had pain that freaked me out, the hospital Samaritan in Watertown (you will hear me rant about them later) told me several times that I was dehydrated, even though I was drinking a billion gallons of water a day so much that I literally, no joke was peeing every 15 minutes. So... They were wrong.

It was probably 3 weeks before she was due, they had me go to get an ultra sound to check the growth, because my belly was so small, I wasnt worried at all, it runs in the family. At my next doctors appoinment they informed me she may have a small heart murmur, nothing to be overly concerned about, but to let her pediatrician know after she was born.

I was getting concerned That she was going to be early and my mom wasnt going to be there until the 28th so David and I wouldnt have anyone there to support us. I talked to my Momma Sarah (Davids wonderful beautiful stepmomma) about it and she and Dave(Davids dad) decided it would be a good idea for her and Aubrey to come to our house to be there just in case Amelia came early and to help us out. Best decision ever. Amelia came about a week later.....May 25th, 2011. The end of my pregnancy and the start of a whole new chapter of our lives, our story took a turn I never saw coming.

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