Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Birthplan

I was going to have Amelia at Samaratin Medical Center in Watertown New York, but my doctor was havind issues there and informed me of a hospital closer, smaller, and much nicer alot closer to my house, so I agreed to have Amelia there instead.

I wanted Only David, my mom, and possibly my little sister Amanda in the room.
No photos or videos of the birth.
Natural birth, but with an EPIDURAL!! ASAP!!!!! (LOL)
I wanted David to cut her umbilical chord.
I didnt want her getting shots right away.
I didnt want her leave mine or Davids sight, If she had to leave the room I wanted one of us with her at all times.
I wanted to wear makeup on the way to the hospital so when picture time came around, I looked halfway decent. (small something to help me feel better)
I had a focal point picture of me and my sister Amanda to help me think of someplace else when I was in extreme pain.
I took classes to know what to expect and to learn how to breathe.
I wanted people to come visit us with flowers and "Welcome Baby Girl" balloons.
I wanted to leave with my new baby girl I had been dreaming of for months in her outfit I had picked out and packed for weeks.
I wanted to walk out of the hospital feeling like I was complete and happier than any person could ever feel in their entire life.
Everything was planned out and would be perfect.....
I wanted and PRAYED for a safe and easy delivery.
I wanted and PRAYED for a healthy happy baby....

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