Saturday, April 7, 2012

David and Ashley

David and I started dating very very young I was like 12 and he was 13. It was on and off alot, but realize, we were very young and relationships are hard for most 25 year olds to handle, so to be a teen and try and have a serious relationship is very hard. Bottom line, we loved eachother, always have and always will. He lived in Middleton which is about 45 minutes drive from where I lived in Boise. It was hard because alot of our relationship was through phone calls and text messages, or notes and pictures we would write back and forth. Most of the time we only saw eachother at church and youth events. I will say, both our parents were very good at allowing us to do things outside of church together whenever possible and although not completely ok with the fact their children were so young in a relationship, they did their best to be and stay supportive.

I had known I loved David and eventually hoped to marry him, but it was the summer before he left for bootcamp that I knew for a fact I would marry him. We spent almost everyday that summer together. We went on bike rides, went to parks, watched cartoons, spent almost an entire week or two trying to fix my broken down car, and we did anything to be together as much as possible. I was supposed to go on a missions trip to New York and that week I got a horrible kidney infection to the point I felt like I couldnt even move. David took off work to come and sit with me and take care of me. He brought me food (even though he barely made enough for gas money), he watched tv with me, he played board games with me, and even though like I said, I had loved him all along, that is when I knew. He encouraged me to make a decision about my missions trip and I finally chose go which was an amazing decision, it was by far one of the most life changing trips I have ever been on.

By the end of the summer David had made his decision to join the Army and we had very little time left before he would leave we had alot of planning and discussing to do before he left for training. We decided when he got done in the spring we would get married, we took engagement photos a month before he left.

While he was gone we communicated rarely through phone and daily through letters. We talked about moving the wedding to winter while he was home for break so that we could be together the entire time he was home and so when he was done with training we would start our lives together. I planned our wedding with the help of both our familys in short 3 months.

We married in the court house December 23 2009 and had our wedding December 27th 2009.

It was a small wedding but everything I could have wanted. I loved everything about it. Especially knowing the rest of our lives we would be together.

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