Friday, April 6, 2012

Background and Where Everything Began

First off I would like to say I am horrible at writing, I am aweful with words. I cant seem to get them down exactly the way I would like or how it sounds in my head before I write, or in this case type. Im not very good at spelling or at using proper grammar or punctuation. What I am good at is feeling emotions, and trying my best to express them in a way to share my story.

I married my awesome husband David Duncan on December 27th 2009. He had come back from basic training for the Army for Christmas Break, or as the Army calls it, Christmas Exodus. We only had a small amount of time before he would have to fly back to Georgia to finish bootcamp, so we decided there was no better time than in that short two weeks. We were excited and anxious to see where we were to go in the next four years as a military family.
In February, David graduated basic training and I flew to Georgia to be there for his graduation. I was so happy to finally see my new husband and spend as much time with him as possible before he moved on to his next school, Airborn School. I stayed in Georgia for about a month with David while he did his school and then flew back to Idaho to be home in time for my High School Graduation.
David still had alot of training to do. He was going to be a Ranger. He made it throught the training but at last minute, they had to cut him due to a security clearance. God had other plans for us. He was told he was going to be stationed at Fort Drum , NY. Plans changed very quickly when they decided to send him almost immediately to be deployed to Afganistan. I got to visit David in New York for a very short amount of time and he got shipped out.
I spent six months in Idaho while he was deployed. It was better for me to be home surrounded my friends and family than to go to a place I didnt have anyone. It was a long hard six months for the both of us, but we made it through.
When David returned I packed up and flew to New York to finally start our marriage, being together made it so much more real. We had to for the first time learn how to live together and combine our different backgrounds to figure out our own way as a couple of doing things.
David works alot. Long days and sometimes into the evenings. I was at home all day and lonely alot of the time. That is when we decided to go out and get our first baby, our border collie Zoey Happy Duncan. She was my buddy and went everywhere with me. She is like a daughter to me and definately count her as a part of our family. We thought that that was what we needed to complete our family for a very long while. We didnt plan on having our own children for at least four or five years.
I found out I was pregnant in September of 2010. It was not planned, but we were still very excited, nervous and deathy afraid to tell my parents. But to our surprise, they were all extatic! Of course we jumped on planning and thinking of names for either boy or girl. In January of 2011 We found out we were having a baby girl and decided on the name, Amelia Amedy. It is a beautiful name with a amazing meaning. Amelia means; hardworker and Amedy means; One who loves God. and that is exactly how we wanted her to be raised, a hardworker, strong willed and definately growing up with a passion to love and serve the Lord. It was very hard to go through my first pregnancy away from home, with now friends or family around to support me or even to just go out shopping for fun baby girl things like most women get to do with any pregnancy, but I was determined to try and stay possitive.
David was supposed to be deployed the month I was due. We were very nervous about what was going to happen, if he would be able to be there for the birth of his first child and to support me through labor and delivery and the weeks that followed. We stressed for months about it. finally April rolled around and David had to have surgery on his ankle from previous injuries from his last deployment and had to stay behind to have time to heal, he was going to be a late deployer and leave after his ankle had complete time to heal.
All throughout my pregnancy Davids work was very good about letting him make it to most of my doctor appoinments and being there to support me. One day I passed out at the WIC office due to low blood sugar and they let him off work to come sit at the ER with me to make sure I was ok. It was near the end of my pregnancy I had to have an ultrasound to check the growth of the baby because my doctor wasnt happy with the measurement of my stomach, small stomachs while pregnant run in my family so we didnt even worry one bit about it. One day I had to go alone. The doctor told me that at the ultrasound I had to check Amelias growth, they saw something that we would want her pediatrician to keep an eye on after she was born. They thought she may have a small heart murmur of some sort but it was nothing to stress and worry about, just good information to let the pediatrician know after the baby was born. I was so scared and worried but everyone talked me down to a calm state of mind and I decided it was not something to worry about and that God was going to protect her, we would pray for a strong healthy baby and delivery. Little did I know, my plan and expectations for my pregnancy, my delivery, and my child and her life and ours were about to be completely forever changed.

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